Hairy Man Sex

Rough hairy gays and their furry buddies have a wild sex

Lance Navarro

Fetching, furry dad Lance Navarro has obviously done this before, as attested to by the feats of genital abuse you are about to witness. Lance stretches the head of his candle, spreading the hole and revealing the Prince Albert hole just below. Then this guy inches his little finger inside the tip before grabbing a […]

Preston Steel and Trenton Ducati

Preston Steel grips Trenton Ducati by the waist and cups his anal, critiquing his form as Trenton does squats. When Preston acknowledges admiring the view, Trenton compliments him in return and the next thing you know, they are feeling each other’s muscles. The sheen of perspiration on Trenton’s abs makes them ripple in the light. […]

Derek Parker

This is the teared tattooed Derek Parker’s first Fetish Force experience. He preps himself on a ebony leather table playing with his pecker and rocks and pinching his pierced nipples. His tanned, rock hard torso is covered with with bronzy-blond hair. This guy licks his lips and stares into the camera as this guy inserts […]

Tom Wolfe and Cal Skye

Tom Wolfe is blond, he’s scruffy, and he’s the personal trainer to die for. This guy will reward you with wet kisses for every set of reps you prepared, and if you squeeze out an extra set this guy will nibble your nipples. Raise the bar high over your head and this guy will suck […]

Race Cooper

Race Cooper says, “I’ve done anything [sexually] under the sun except for this” as this guy unbuttons the fly of his jeans to get complete. A tray of surgical steel instruments and a tub of lube lie on the table nearby; the camera rolls over the glinting metal, then transfers its attention to Race’s torso: […]

Leo Forte and Troy Daniels

Olive skinned Leo Forte is especially worthwhile at ensuring that Troy Daniel’s pain is mixed with enjoyment. When this guy ropes Tony onto a padded fuck bench, about the only thing the captive can do is rear his asshole upward. Leo meets it face first, roughing up that brown hole with deep tonguing and crude […]

Tony Bishop and Cylus Kohen

When you want your bottoms fettered and flogged, call in tough terrorizer Tony Bishop. You’ll only meeting him in Fetish Force films these days, and in Where the Players Go this guy defiles inked-up jizz punk Cylus Kohen love this guy hasn’t seen a cummer or lost a load for months. Tony’s infamous mean streak […]

Shay Michaels and Damien Stone

Shay and Damien are off the clock and make the most of their break time. Every second counts as they get busy blowing face. The cummers rip off their shirts and press their amazing bare chests against each other. Shay pulls Damien’s big swollen meat out and sucks on it firm, then Shay hops on […]

Wilfried Knight

The handsome and rugged Wilfried knight looks like he’s waiting for one of his dude cowboys to pass by the tree that this guy stands next to. When he doesn’t see anyone approaching this guy decides to receive matters inside his own hands. This guy starts rubbing his furry chest with one hand while he’s […]

Tony Hunter and Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds is tied and strung up as this guy gets his nipples worked over by the insatiable Tony Hunter. Tony then pulls out the pegs and starts working down Brian’s stomach and up his arms, slowly peg by peg. After some soak oral action, bonds gets sling tied and eaten out, ready for Hunters […]